Debian OFED Infiniband packaging

This project is responsible for packaging the OpenFabrics Infiniband Distribution (OFED) for Debian. You need the software if you want to do anything useful with Infiniband on Debian.

User Documentation

Read the Infiniband-HOWTO on how to get started with the Debian OFED packages.

If you have any question about Infiniband that is not related to Debian packaging, please reach the OpenFabrics mailing list directy.

Project Page

The alioth project page can be found at:

You need to join the alioth group to have write access to the git repositories. If you want to report a bug or send a patch, please use the Debian BTS.

Git Repositories

The packaging can be found in our git repositories:

To clone any module anonymously:

git clone

Debian Mailing Lists

There are two Debian mailing lists:
This list is used for coordination and receiving all the emails related to the packages: Debian uploads, bugs, etc Due to high spam, the list currently only allows posting to subscribers and Debian services. Archives and subscription page
This list receives notifications with diffs when changes are committed to the git repositories. Archives and subscription page

Upstream Mailing lists
List for development of the OFED stack. Archives / Subscription page
List for kernel RDMA development. Archives / Subscription page