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9. Building Lustre against OFED

Lustre is a scalable cluster filesystem popular on high performance compute clusters. See for more information. lustre can use infiniband as one of its network transports in order to increase performance. The section describes how to compile lustre against the OFED infiniband stack.

9.1 Check Compatibility

Not all lustre versions are compatible with all OFED or kernel versions. Read the lustre release notes for which versions are supported.

9.2 Build a lustre patched kernel

Build a lustre patched kernel as per the instructions on the lustre wiki. Once you have build the kernel keep the configured source tree. It is required for the next step.

9.3 Build OFED modules for the lustre patched kernel

Build OFED modules against the newly build lustre patched kernel.

 module-assistant prepare
 module-assistant clean ofa-kernel
 module-assistant -k/path/to/lustre/patched/kernel build ofa-kernel

Do not issue a "module-assistant clean" command after the build. The ofa-kernel-module source tree is needed for the next step.

9.4 Configure lustre

You can now configure lustre to build against the lustre patched kernel and the ofa-kernel-module sources.

 cd lustre-source
 ./configure --with-o2ib=/usr/src/modules/ofa-kernel  --with-linux=/path/to/patched/linux/source \

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